Much of the skill and expertise we apply to our videos comes from in-depth exeperience in three key areas that few other production companies will be able to match.

Stills photography at an international level where advertising campaigns demand far greater skills in creativity, lighting and camera techniques than those generally required by video.

Secondly, the experience and knowledge gained from many years working on major advertising campaigns for international brands. And finally, the experience acquired in the area of mainstream television production that is generally accepted as being far more demanding than those of commercial video.

Combined they allow us to bring to your production a level of professionalism that sets us apart from almost every other production company out there and rarely found outside of a major London advertising agency.

Essentially, a video will cost as much or as little as you want because you set the budget. This will be determined by the content you need to achieve and the goals you are aiming for.

As a rough guide some videos are very simple to produce and may only require one man and a camera for a day, plus a couple of days editing. This would cost somewhere between £1,500 – £2,000. Other productions may be as complex as a full-blown movie that takes weeks to produce and costs tens of thousands of pounds.

The best way to establish the likely cost is to get in touch and tell us a bit about your project. Not only will we be able to give you an idea of the kind of budget you should be considering, we may be able to suggest alternative ways to achieve the result you need.

First, spend a few minutes thinking about your project and writing down what it needs to achieve. What’s the purpose of the video, who is the video aimed at and how will people get to view the video? Most important, decide what do you want people to do or think as a result of seeing the video. It’s always a good idea to discuss your conclusions with colleagues or other team members and use the process as a reality check before you go further. A good producer will then be able to take that information and work with you to turn it into a workable brief the critical element of any video production.

Actually that’s the perfect moment to talk to us. With thirty years experience we’re used to grasping the nub of what people are trying to say, then coming up with a range of ideas and suggestions as to how that information can best be conveyed using video.

We’re definitely not the cheapest shop in town; then again we are not the most expensive either. We don’t cut corners but we try to maximize any budget and do more with less. By shopping around you can almost always find someone to produce a cheap video. However, the problem is with cheap videos is that they always look…well…cheap.

We don’t produce a video for you we produce it with you. We keep you informed and involved right from the start beginning with the all-important brief. This short document is agreed between us before any work begins. It contains every detail of your production including budget, responsibilities, timescale, technical details and what will be delivered. Any changes to this have to be agreed in writing between both parties. We will consult you at all stages of production and at the final stage you will have the opportunity to make one or two rounds of changes to the final edit. A recent client wanted total involvement at the post-production stage so we edited the entire production on his premises.

The standard of television we see every day in the UK is the highest in the world and it becomes a benchmark against which we subconsciously judge everything else. Problems arise when we watch a video that doesn’t achieve similar standards of professionalism and while we may not be experts, we instinctively notice that something is different. Obviously commercial budgets can’t compare to the huge amounts spent on broadcast TV and there will always be some difference. For that reason it’s important to work with a production company like us that has experience in both fields and can advise you on the best ways to minimise that difference.

We have a range of techniques to get people looking and sounding their best and we have endless patience to keep going until you’re entirely happy with the final take. Outside of the professionals very few people are completely happy about appearing on camera and if you really don’t feel you’re able to carry it off, then don’t do it. We can always have a professional voice-over artist deliver your words. Another powerful alternative is to get some of your most satisfied customers to provide a series of short on-camera testimonials.

We provide a full production package that covers every aspect of your video so there’s no need to worry about any of the other requirements. Script writing is one of our major strengths and is done in-house. We also work regularly with a range of presenters, actors, stylists, make-up artists and many of the other specialists a production may require.

Primarily we shoot on Panasonic HD cameras approved for broadcast use by the BBC. These are fitted with the highest quality prime lenses to give your production the ‘movie’ look. We edit using Apple’s Final Cut Pro the industry standard and Apple Motion for on-screen graphics and effects.

For us lighting is really important and a specialty we pride ourselves in. For large productions and sets we use Arri lighting that is used as standard across the TV and film industry. For small locations such as interviews and pieces to camera we use cool running LED’s for sharp perfectly controlled lighting.

We also have access to larger pieces of equipment such as cranes / jibs, aerial units etc. Used carefully these often help your production achieve a higher level of professionalism for just a little extra cost.