Paul Harvey author of company video Manchester

Paul has been working in the industry since the 1970’s at an international level and specialising in advertising and fashion photography. He went freelance shortly after returning from the U.S. where he’d been studying as a result of being awarded a prestigious Roosevelt Scholarship.

In addition to being a highly experienced director and photographer he is also a writer, trainer, broadcaster and visiting lecturer to several educational institutions. 

Moving from stills photography to setting up Icarus was a natural progression for me. As well as providing an outlet for all the additional skills I’d acquired it gave me the opportunity to extend my work into a whole new dimension. I think I’ve got the best job in the world and I’m always on the look out for the next big challenge.

I get my biggest kick from seeing a clients face when I explain a simple idea that I know will transform what could have been a rather mundane video into something really special. We must be good because clients tell us so and they keep coming back. If you were to ask me what makes us different I’d have to say it’s because we’ve developed a finely honed system to establish exactly what our clients really need.  Plus of course the fact that this is about far more than just doing a job.  In fact if I didn’t have to work it’s what I’d spend my time doing anyway.

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