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Crowdfunding video causes people to gather

    There’s plenty of information out there on producing crowdfunding video but the problem is that most of them put all the emphasis on…well…video.   The truth is that real success depends not on knowing your aspect ratios from your mega pixels but on something far more basic – human nature. But first let’s… Read more »

Video Testimonials – great advertising for free

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Handsome businessman standing at outdoors

Don’t want to pay a fortune to get video testimonials on your website? Here are ten top tips on producing your own company video testimonials. Follow these and the end result will be every bit as good as those that could cost you thousands (well almost!)   The biggest deal clincher What’s the most influential aspect of your website?… Read more »

Surviving the on-camera interview

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Man preparing for an on-camera interview

    They say there are just two occasions in life when you’re completely alone – just before you die and immediately before you make a speech. Of course that theory was spawned back in the day before video cameras became all pervasive, now it they have there’s a third forsaken moment to add to… Read more »